Kol Kol Baby Carrier – Reviews

5 out of 5Based on the opinion of 135 peopleRatings and reviews have changedNow it’s easier to find great businesses with recommendationsThanks to the Kolkol travel program!! We got to host the gorgeous Leela. Would look for oppurnities to wear it! It’s super comfy and it’s adjustability is the best ever thing a carrier can offer. We got our very own carrier even before this one left us. we highly recommend Kolkol leela! #babywearing #kolKoling #travellingkolkol #kolkolbabycarrier.Very comfortable carrier and easy to carry our little ones😊 It helps baby sleep and specially colicky baby’s!!! It provides excellent neck support to our little ones and leaves us hands freeI am a proud owner of a kolkol leela and it is not only beautiful(mine is in midnight diya) but comfortable and easy to wear. It is indispensable in our family and our little one loves it to bits. Plenty of sleepy dust for those naps on the go, and enough visibility to satisfy my little one’s need to see all around. I love that it fits all members of my family so well as well, from my 1.58m frame to my husband’s towering 1.88m stature. The support is amazing and I hardly ever tire from wearing it. Thank you for such an amazing product!Baby goods/children’s goods9,108 Likes308 talking about thishosting the beautiful leela was a pleasant experience. so comfy and breathable. the head support was very convenient. the size adjustment is very ease and it’s a total life saver.#kolkolcompact # kolkol travel program I got a wonderful opportunity to host the carrier for a weeks time. It is a very light carrier and also fits very compactly in the diaper bag. After starting to wear my daughter in the carrier I could accompany my elder son for all his park visits and classes without missing it . It was a boon to my back pain after 2 csections. It is very light for the hot climate here in chennai. I would definitely recommend it to all who are looking for a carrier.Baby goods/children’s goods9,108 Likes308 talking about this